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Meteo-France Data Policy in the scope of the Cindy-Dynamo Field Campaign

Météo-France and the « Laboratoire de l’Atmosphère et des Cyclones » (LACy, Unité Mixte CNRS/Météo-France/Université de La Réunion) contribute to the Cindy-Dynamo field campaign from October 2011 to March 2012. The objectives of Météo-France and LACy are to:

  • contribute to the preparation of the Megha-Tropiques data,
  • validate atmospheric models for convection and cyclogenesis,
  • develop the observation of electrical activity and investigate its link with tropical convection and cyclogenesis,
  • investigate the processes and precursors of cyclogenesis during MJO events in the Indian Ocean.

The French participation to Cindy-Dynamo is coordinated by Jean-Philippe Duvel (LMD, Paris), and the Meteo-France participation is coordinated by Matthieu Plu (Météo-France, LACy, La Réunion).

Météo-France will deliver some output from its numerical weather prediction models in real time (Appendix A) for supporting the airborne operations of SAFIRE, and in delayed time (Appendix B) for research purpose. Real-time forecasts from the deterministic model (IFS) of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) will also be distributed with the authorization of Météo-France and ECMWF.

All these model outputs for Dynamo during the programme will be gathered on a common database for secured, facilitated and enhanced availability. The ESPRI/IPSL database team is in charge of the development and of maintaining the French database of Dynamo. This database, called hereafter “Dynamo-France”, may be accessed through the following portal : . The “Dynamo-France” data and publication policy defines the access rules to the data in order to best accommodate the data provider and user expectations.


Principal investigator (PI): is associated with an instrument or site from instrument deployment and data collection, to data processing and transfer to the database. A principal investigator is the scientist responsible for the instrument or site or any person (collaborator, student) that he/she may suggest.

Dynamo-France PI : the coordinator of the French contribution to Cindy-Dynamo, or any person that he/she may suggest. Contact : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Météo-France PI : the Météo-France person in charge of the Météo-France and LACy activities in Cindy-Dynamo (model outputs, research activities), or any person that he/she may suggest. Contact : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Data : the Météo-France and ECMWF model outputs gathered in the Dynamo-France database, that are described in Appendix A and B.

Data policy

The Dynamo-France data policy is consistent with the Cindy-Dynamo general data policy (

The following rules apply to the Météo-France data gathered in the Dynamo-France database.

  • Météo-France will submit the quality-controlled data to the database within 3 months after their instant of validity. Météo-France shall transfer its data to the Dynamo-France database free of charge. A dataset can be updated at any time. Météo-France is responsible for providing the best quality version of the dataset to the Dynamo-France database.
  • Since the data are originally produced for specific purposes, no warranty is given as to their suitability for the use intended by the recipient. The database center and the data provider have no liability for any loss, damage, claim, demand, cost or expense directly or indirectly arising from any use, receipt or supply of data under this agreement.
  • To access non public data, users have to register to the Dynamo-France database. Every Cindy-Dynamo PIs are welcome to register. Registrations are handled by the Dynamo-France PI.
  • During the first 12 months following the end of the field campaign, the non public data are delivered to registered users only, for the sole purpose of quality control, scientific studies designed to meet the Cindy-Dynamo objectives and educational activities related to the dissemination of Cindy-Dynamo science. Commercial use and exploitation of this data are prohibited unless explicitly allowed by the data owner. The data received under this policy shall never be redistributed to a third party. No public release of the data (sharing with non-Dynamo colleagues, conference presentations, publications, commercial and media use, etc.) is allowed without the permission of Météo-France.
  • The authorization to release publicly the Météo-France data must be asked to and obtained from Météo-France.
  • If data users make an effective use of a dataset retrieved, he/she shall establish direct contacts with the Météo-France PI in order to offer collaboration. Co-authorship of  dataset users and principal investigator(s) should be the rule for papers making extensive use of the data. In any case, the origin of the data used in publications shall be appropriately acknowledged and referenced (see Appendix A and B for acknowledgements).
  • The Dynamo-France PI and the Météo-France PI should be informed of any publication making use of the dataset.
  • Registered users accept the obligations described herein attached to the use of the data. If a user breaks the data and publication policy rules, the database center managers will remove him/her from the registered user directory and ask him/her to delete all the copies of the datasets he/she has obtained from the database.

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