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The French participation to CINDY-DYNAMO concerns the numerical modelling part and some data processing of the measurements (in situ, radar, satellite) collected during the field experiment. This numerical modelling part is especially important since the main objective of the CINDY-DYNAMO field campaign is to improve the simulation and the forecast of the intraseasonal perturbations.

The French participation also includes in situ measurements performed with the French F20 aircraft. These aircraft measurements are dedicated in part to the improvement of MEGHA-TROPIQUES rain retrieval algorithm. The aim is first to establish a relation between the density/size distribution of ice particles (aircraft) and radar measurements in a large Ocean area around the Gan Island. Second, the radar will be used to construct a climatology of these density/size distributions of ice particles that will be used later in the MEGHA-TROPIQUES rain retrieval algorithm. This strategy does not require overpasses of the MEGHA-TROPIQUES satellite. These aircraft measurements of cloud microphysics will also give valuable information for the elaboration and the evaluation of the cloud parameterisations.

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