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Creating Application SAVE Files

An IDL application created in IDL 6.0 or later that does not use the EXECUTE function can be saved in one or more SAVE files that will run in the IDL Virtual Machine. If an IDL application is to be run in the IDL Virtual Machine, it is not necessary to include an IDL distribution with the SAVE file because IDL Virtual Machine is installed on the user's machine. The SAVE file need only include your own code, creating a smaller file that is easier to distribute.

To create SAVE files to run in the IDL Virtual Machine, do one of the following:

Single vs. Multiple SAVE Files

There are several ways to include the necessary routines in your application:

Version Compatibility of SAVE Files

The IDL Virtual Machine will execute IDL routines stored in SAVE files created with IDL version 6.0 and later. Any SAVE files created with previous versions of IDL must be recompiled using IDL 6.0 or later for them to run with the Virtual Machine.

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