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Embedded Licensing

An embedded license allows your application to run without an IDL license. It can be distributed to multiple users and will run on any system supported by IDL. Licensing an IDL application with an embedded license is the simplest form of licensing.

In order to create applications with embedded licenses, you must purchase a special IDL Developer's Kit license from ITT Visual Information Solutions. The Developer's Kit license gives your copy of IDL the ability to automatically embed a license in your application's SAVE file. See Creating an Application Distribution for information on embedding the license information in your application's SAVE file.

Licenses for Callable IDL applications are embedded directly in the application code. See Distributing Callable IDL Applications for details.

Optional Embedded Features

When you purchase an IDL Developer's Kit license from ITT Visual Information Solutions, you can request that one or more optional features be included in the license. Optional feature licenses control access to additional-cost IDL modules, such as the IDL DICOM toolkit or the IDL DataMiner.

When your application attempts to use an additional-cost IDL module, IDL first checks to see if a license for the module is included in your application's embedded license. If no license for the module is included in the embedded license, IDL will check any license.dat files located in license directories in its search path, or in files specified by the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. (See Caution: IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variables for additional information about how IDL uses this environment variable.) If no license for the module is available, attempts to used that module's features will not succeed.

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