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Evaluation Licenses

If you receive an error message with an evaluation license on any platform, locate the error message below for suggestions on resolving the problem.

License Information Does Not Pass the Checksum Test

Carefully check to make sure you have entered your license information exactly as it appears in your IDL or ENVI license information. Exactly duplicate capitalization, spacing, and the date format as shown on your form.

The license information must not contain leading or trailing spaces. For an example of a correctly formatted evaluation license key, see Evaluation License.

File Already Exists

If you have an existing evaluation license for this product, you will be asked if you want to replace it. Select Yes to overwrite the old license with the new, extended evaluation license.

File Cannot Be Written

You might not have write permissions for the directory or the file to which you are attempting to write. Check the permissions to make sure neither the directory nor any files you are attempting to overwrite are designated as read-only. For more information, see Files Needed for Initialization of the Licensing Program Could Not Be Found.

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