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Limitations of Runtime Applications

IDL applications that run without an IDL development license — whether native IDL or Callable IDL — do not have access to the IDL compiler and thus cannot compile IDL source code from .pro files. As a result, operations that require the compiler will not execute when a development license is not present. In addition, if you are writing an IDL application to be distributed to users who do not have a development IDL license, you should be aware of the following limitations.

Since runtime applications do not provide access to the IDL command line, startup files are not executed. See Understanding When Startup Files are Not Executed for details.

Error Handling

Because the ON_ERROR procedure has the potential to force the IDL interpreter into an idle state when an error is encountered, use the CATCH procedure instead if your application will be distributed to users without a development IDL license.

Working Directory of Runtime Applications

When a SAVE file is executed with a runtime or embedded license, IDL's current working directory will be the directory that contains the SAVE file.

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