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Preferences for Virtual Machine Applications

IDL's preference system allows developers, administrators, and individual users to control default values for many aspects of IDL's environment and configuration. Creators of runtime applications can take advantage of the preference system to customize the environment in which a particular application runs.

See Preferences for Runtime Applications for a discussion of using preferences in the context of any IDL runtime application, including applications that run in the IDL Virtual Machine.

The process of specifying preferences for a Virtual Machine application is complicated by the following facts:

Options for Windows Applications

If your users will run your application by starting the IDL Virtual Machine directly from the IDL installation CD-ROM, none of these options are available.

If your Virtual Machine application runs under Microsoft Windows, you have the following options:

Options for UNIX/Macintosh Applications

If your Virtual Machine application runs under UNIX (including Mac OS X), you have the following options:

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