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Setting the Options for a Project

The options for a project describe how to run, compile, and build the project. To set the options for your project, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your project. Select File Open Project. Select the path and name of your project file.

  3. Click Project Options... The Project Options dialog is displayed.

    Figure 22-9: Project Options Dialog

    Figure 22-9: Project Options Dialog


  5. Set the options based upon the information in the following table:

    Table 22-3: Project Options 

    Table 22-3: Project Options 
    Specifies the project name. (This field is read only.)
    Specifies the path of the project. (This field is read only.)
    Project Type
    Specifies how the project will run or build. The available formats are:
    • Source File (.pro).

    • Save File (.sav).

    • Licensed Save File (.sav)
    These options are described in Building a Project. Also see Running an Application from a Project.
    Note - The Licensed Save File option is not available if you do not have an IDL Developer's Kit license. For more information on how to distribute IDL runtime licenses with your application, contact your ITT Visual Information Solutions sales representative.
    Run Command
    Specifies the IDL command to run your application. The default is the name of the project. This can be any valid IDL command including .sav or .pro files (these can be files that are included or not included in your project.) Typically this is the main program in your application.
    Note - You can use the %? command stream substitution to call a dialog to enter a value or values to pass to the called program. For example, if you have a program named "main" and it requires the argument "x" to be passed to it, then you can enter the following for the Run Command:

    main, %?(Enter the value for x, x)

    For more information on how to run your application, see Running an Application from a Project.
    Build Command
    Specifies an IDL command that will be executed when the project is compiled. You might, for example, specify the name of an IDL batch file that uses the SPAWN command to copy application data files into a specific directory when the application is compiled.
    Note - The Build Command is run when you select Compile from the Project menu, but not when you select Build from the Project menu.
    Save File
    Specifies the name of the .sav file to create when building your project. For more information on building a project, see Building a Project.
    Note - This field is grayed out if you have selected the Source File (.pro ) Project Type.


  7. After completing any changes, click OK.

  9. Save your project file by selecting File Save Project.

    In addition to setting options for a project, you can also set an individual file's properties. For more information, see Setting the Properties of a File.

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