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EFONT - Interactive vector font editor and display tool.

IDLEXBR_ASSISTANT- Launches the Export Bridge Assistant.

SLIDE_IMAGE - Creates a scrolling graphics window for examining large images.

XBM_EDIT - Creates, edits bitmap icons for IDL widget button labels.

XDISPLAYFILE - Displays ASCII text file in scrolling text widget.

XDXF - Utility to display and interactively manipulate DXF objects.

XFONT - Creates modal widget to select and view an X Windows font.

XINTERANIMATE - Displays animated sequence of images.

XLOADCT - Displays a tool for selecting and setting the current color table.

XMTOOL - Displays a tool for viewing XMANAGER widgets.

XOBJVIEW - Displays object viewer widget.

XOBJVIEW_ROTATE - Programmatically rotate the object currently displayed in XOBJVIEW.

XOBJVIEW_WRITE_IMAGE - Write the object currently displayed in XOBJVIEW to an image file.

XPALETTE - Displays a tool for creating and modifying color tables.

XPCOLOR - Adjusts the value of the current foreground plotting color, !P.COLOR.

XPLOT3D - Utility for creating and interactively manipulating 3D plots.

XROI - Utility for interactively defining and obtaining information about regions of interest.

XSURFACE - Provides a graphical interface to the SURFACE and SHADE_SURF commands.

XVAREDIT - Utility for editing any IDL variable.

XVOLUME - Utility for viewing and interactively manipulating volumes and isosurfaces.

XVOLUME_ROTATE - Utility for rotating a volume displayed in XVOLUME.

XVOLUME_WRITE_IMAGE - Utility for writing a volume displayed in XVOLUME to an image file.

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