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CW_ANIMATE - Creates a compound widget for animation.

CW_ANIMATE_GETP - Gets pixmap window IDs used by CW_ANIMATE.

CW_ANIMATE_LOAD - Loads images into CW_ANIMATE.

CW_ANIMATE_RUN - Displays images loaded into CW_ANIMATE.

IDLffMJPEG2000- provides the ability to read and write Motion JPEG2000 (MJ2) files.

IDLgrModel - Animates the display of objects by displaying a single object in the collection of objects contained in the model when the RENDER_METHOD property is set.

IDLgrMPEG - Creates an MPEG movie file from an array of image frames.

FLICK - Causes the display to flicker between two images.

MPEG_CLOSE - Closes an MPEG sequence.

MPEG_OPEN - Opens an MPEG sequence.

MPEG_PUT - Inserts an image array into an MPEG sequence.

MPEG_SAVE - Saves an MPEG sequence to a file.

XINTERANIMATE - Displays animated sequence of images.

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