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UNIDATA UTILITIES                                      UDUNITS(1)


udunits - Unidata units utility


udunits [-d] [units-file]


This utility uses the Unidata udunits(3) library to display the transformation necessary to convert from one unit to another. units-file contains unit definitions and is used to initial- ize the udunits(3) library. If not specified, then the default units-file determined by the udunits(3) library is used. This utility works interactively and has two modes. In one mode, both an input and output unit specification are given, causing the utility to print the conversion between them: You have: inch You want: cm <cm> = <inch>*2.54 <cm> = <inch>/0.393701 You have: (15 lbs force/in)^2 You want: atm2 <atm2> = <(15 lbs force/in)^2>*0.995719 <atm2> = <(15 lbs force/in)^2>/1.0043 You have: celsius You want: fahrenheit <fahrenheit> = <celsius>*1.8 + 32 <fahrenheit> = <celsius>/0.555556 + 32 In the other mode, only an input unit specification is given. This causes the utility to print the definition -- in standard units -- of the input unit: You have: fahrenheit You want: Definition: "0.555556 kelvin @ 255.372" You have: geopotential meters You want: Definition: "9.80665 meter2 second-2" See the manual page on the udunits(3) library for a descrip- tion of the unit-specification grammar.


-d Have the yacc(1)-generated parser print diagnostic Printed: 106.2.15 Last change: 1995-08-04 1 UNIDATA UTILITIES UDUNITS(1) messages. The default is no messages. This only works if the parser was compiled with the C preprocessor macro YYDEBUG defined.


This package prints (hopefully) self-explanatory error- messages.


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