• Cloud amount (CA)
  • Effective CA (CAE)
  • Cloud pressure (CP)
  • Cloud temperature (CT)
  • Cloud altitude (CZ)
  • Cloud optical depth (COD)
  • Cloud IR emissivity (CEM)
  • Cloud phase (ice/water)
  • Ice water path (CIWP)
  • Liquid water path (CLWP)
  • Effective particle radius:
       CREI (ice), CREW (water)

    The WCRP report of the cloud assessment is available in the Publications section. In general, the datasets agree well, within the retrieval uncertainties. Differences in average cloud properties are mostly explained by the inherent instrument capability for detecting and/or identifying optically thin cirrus.


    The Level-3 monthly averaged and gridded data can be accessed through the Database section where they can be selected based on any combination of three criteria: instruments, variables, and years. These data are intended to facilitate climate studies, climate model evaluations, and other assessments.