Identified issues

May 17, 2013

  • There are problems with the present version of MODIS-CE histograms. Correspondingly, these histograms should not be used unless updated.

  • Concerning the local time indicated in the files of the database, one has to keep in mind that the following datasets may contain less data (especially near the poles), because they include an additional filtering of the retrieved data:
    - MODIS-ST and MODIS-CE contain "only daytime" data in 0130PM and 1030AM files and "only nighttime" in 0130AM and 1030PM files;
    - ATSR-GRAPE and MISR provide "only daytime" measurements in 1030AM files;
    - POLDER, CALIPSO-ST and CALIPSO-GOCCP provide "only daytime" data in 0130PM files and "only nighttime" data in 0130AM files.