MODIS-ST Description


MODIS, Terra and Aqua

Local Observation Time and Length of Data Record

10:30 AM and 10:30 PM ; 2001–2009,
1:30 AM and 1:30 PM ; 2003–2009

Spatial Resolution

1 km (detection, COD, CRE, CWP, phase retrieval), 5 km (CP, CT, CEM retrieval)

Cloud Detection

multi-spectral IR/NIR/VIS (16 channels)+ time-space variances

Retrieval Methodology

CP, CEM → CT, cloud phase (water/ice), COD, CRE, CWP

MODIS Science Team uses spectral testing to determine cloud amount, "CO2 slicing" to determine cloud pressure and emissivity and a Look-Up Table approach using solar reflectance channels to retrieve cloud optical depth and effective particle radius.

Ancillary Input

  • NCEP GDAS profiles
  • 16 day spectral surface albedo climatology
  • radiative transfer+particle model
  • mixed particle habits for ice
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