Atmosphere Component



Leader: Sophie Bastin and R. Roehrig (CNRM-GAME)/ Partners: IPSL, CNRM-GAME

Objectives: The aim of this task is to improve the atmospheric component of the RCSMs in representing heavy precipitation and atmospheric droughts (i.e extended periods of precipitation deficit). Figure 2 illustrates how RCMS fail to capture the right probability density function (PDF) of precipitation. This task will thus address the understanding of such weaknesses and contribute to the representation of the rainfall PDF in RCMs which is key for better predicting the evolution of heavy precipitation and droughts in the future climate. The work will focus both on long-term variability and on specific case studies. This task is divided into 3 sub-tasks:

  • Task 2.1: Observation collection and case studies selection
  • Task 2.2: Improving the representation of droughts
  • Task 2.3: Improving the representation of heavy precipitation over land


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